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Shining a light on untapped potential

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A decision intelligence platform for pay and performance reviews, team design, and succession planning. 

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Levelling the playing field so that everyone has the opportunity to advance. 

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Decision intelligence for talent

Identify overlooked talent 

  • Data driven talent, skills, and strengths search engine 

  • Predict emerging leaders and leavers 

  • Design optimal teams combining complementary strengths

  • Scenario planning for talent and skill succession

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Decision intelligence for teams

Personas within the organisation

Every workplace is made of up unique people, in unique teams, that make up a unique culture - that's why different sets of employee personas exists between different organisations.

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Revealing our blind spots

Highlighting perception gaps between our self-perception and our seen (external 360) perception.

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Development pathways

Play to strengths & impact

Mapping development pathways that serve our strengths and potential for optimal impact and drive employee engagement, motivation, and performance.

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Benefiting All Stakeholders






  • Recognition

  • Enhanced self-efficacy

  • Enhance self-awareness

  • Enhanced talent visibility

  • Data driven decision intelligence

  • Improved resourcing

  • Improved DEI

  • Improved retention

  • High performing culture

  • Value add to offering

  • Enhanced brand equity

  • Enhanced social impact

"We've understood with the work that SeenCulture have done who our untapped talent is across the business, that we can now recognise and develop in the right direction."

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SeenCulture gave us business leaders great
confidence in making the best talent decisions.

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Nick Deeks

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Chair & Managing Director, WT

How our platform works in 3-steps


1. Pull Employee Data

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2. Capture Employee Voice


3. Get personalised  recommendations

Our Focus


Employees want to feel seen



Employee turnover expected to increase by

Replacing outgoing talent costs businesses up to

their salary

1. We focus on employee retention rather
than recruitment

2. We promote diversity of thought
beyond diversity of demographics

3. We take a holistic approach that
extends beyond technical / job skills

4. We capture 360 degree ‘seen’ insights to
mitigate personal bias

5. We enhance personalisation and
elevate unique strengths

6. We uncover persona archetypes unique
to each organisation

Breaking through bias using data science and behaviour science 

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Our collective intelligence framework provides deep workforce insights

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Who are we
How it works

How we've been 'seen'

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