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📊 The great disparity between leaders and employees perceptions on DEI initiatives 🌍💼📊 The great

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

With leaders driving change, while employees not "seeing" the change happening, it can lead to decreased productivity and profits.

📈 97% of HR leaders say their organisation has made changes that improved DEI. Troublingly, 34% of employees say they “don’t know” whether their leaders are making changes related to DEI.

🌟 Leaders think they focus on employee strengths far more effectively than employees feel they do. Almost half (44%) of HR leaders say they are committed to building the strengths of each employee, but only 29% of employees agree.

💡 Leaders must uncover diversity blindspots and align conversations

🗯 With SeenCulture's DEI platform, we can uncover misalignment of perceptions, discover data-driven insights and actionable strategies to foster inclusive cultures.

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