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🕺💃 Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) platform🕺 💃

By now everyone following us should know that we are advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). But some may ask, so what does SeenCulture do? What we do is exactly related to what we advocate for. We are a DEI platform designed to make employees feel seen, drive team performance, and save money for your business. Data-driven and evidenced-based, our analytics dashboard acts as a tool for strategic workforce planning and talent mapping. It is used to improve #retention and help your business save money. It levels the playing field for the #underrepresented and #neurodiverse, reveals flight risks, spotlights untapped talent, to stabilise and optimise your existing workforce. We value the diversity of #thought over diversity of demographic which is what is usually measured when companies mentions diversity. Think about it, if we only measure demographics instead of implementing buyer personas in market research, we would be in big trouble! Have a chat with us if you are keen to know more. Email us at!

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